Let your smile show through

Have you ever smiled and wondered why you all you can see are gums and your teeth are barely visible? It’s all about proportions and how you perceive your smile. When your gums are more prominent and they cover up your teeth more than they should it is known as excessive gingival display, commonly known as a GUMMY SMILE. This may be related to just a few teeth or could be generalised to the entire mouth.

Besides leading to an unattractive look, a gummy smile can be associated with poor gum inflammation, bleeding and poor oral health.

The various factors leading to a gummy smile include

Genetic causes - You could either have a short upper lip, large upper jaw and small teeth or excessive gum tissue.

Poor oral hygiene – People tend to forget that it is not just the teeth in the mouth that must be kept free of decay but even the gums must be impeccably clean to prevent formation of plaque and calculus. The build up of plaque leads to gum inflammation and pain. This develops into a viscious cycle as the area is not cleaned due to pain leading to further accumulation of plaque and debris. Bad oral hygiene is not only un-aesthetic but is detrimental to your overall health.

Incorrect eruption of teeth – No we’re not being dramatic and describing teeth as volcanoes! This simply means the usual process of teeth slowly pushing through the gums as they come into their normal positions in the mouth as we age. Sometimes they do not emerge in the correct location leading to the gums being excessive around them.

Medications – Several medications like immunosuppressants, phenytoin(for epilepsy) and diltiazem, nifedipine (heart medication) can lead to hypertrophy (excessive growth) of the gums.

A gummy smile will not correct by itself. The good news is that at Mumbai Smile Design a gummy smile is easily treatable using various methods and procedures based on the extent and severity of gum display.

frequently asked questions

  • Can a gummy smile be treated and is gummy smile treatment safe for me?

    Excessive display of the gums leading to the gummy smile can be treated and is a completely safe. gummy smile correction consists of various procedures that can be executed depending upon the severity of the gum display. The procedures can be as simple as a clean-up with good hygiene control to gum contouring with a laser. Teeth alignment, dental veneers and composite restorations (tooth-coloured fillings) could also be considered based on the outcome desired.

  • YES! At Mumbai Smile Design we carry out such procedures considering the correct proportions of your gums and teeth along with how your smile should harmonize with your facial aesthetic. You will no longer feel the need to hide your smile but will be super confident about your new look.

  • Your gums and teeth will have the correct amount of display. They will be in the right proportion thereby giving your smile a much more pleasing appearance.

  • This completely depends upon the cause and severity of your smile. Gummy Smile Correction can be done with very simple procedures which do not involve surgery or if the smile correction is significant due to excessive gum display then surgery would have to be considered as the only option. This decision is made by our team of specialists here at Smile Design Mumbai along with your inputs so that the final outcome is everything you desire.

  • Surely. Gummy Smile Correction can be done at any age. The treatment modality will differ depending on your age and the severity of the gummy smile. This decision will be made by your smile designer at Smile Design Mumbai

  • This is purely dependent on the treatment option chosen by you for the correction. The treatment could be done by veneers, surgical correction, alignment of teeth or a combination of the above.