Your smile should
match your face

We design your smile and even your gum profile within the best parameters so as to match your face. The outcome of this is a perfectly contoured and matched aesthetic smile.

Now you can choose
your best smile

Show us a picture of your dream smile and with the technological magic of “copy paste” dentistry we can adapt your dream smile with your face,
If you are unaware of what smile you desire, we can share suitable smile options for you to choose from.

A smile that best
defines your personality

We need to understand YOU as a person and not as a patient so as to develop your “smile quotient”. A detailed consultation with you allows us to match not only the physical but emotional aspects of your smile.

“There is only one YOU”

Dental laser

The EPIC 10 Soft tissue laser is the ultimate for teeth whitening, minor soft tissue procedures and pain relief. Say goodbye to extended healing time and long procedures. We are able to perform surgical gum procedures faster, more accurately and reduce the amount of downtime you take to heal by almost half!


This machine allows us to take a Full Mouth X-ray without exposing you to multiple X-rays for every segment of your mouth. This greatly reduces your chances of overexposure and also allows us to make quicker diagnosis of your dental problems while keeping you safe.

Aquacare unit

AquaCare is a revolutionary dental air abrasion unit, enabling us to provide contact-free and minimally invasive dentistry (MID), making routine dental procedures painless for patients.

The advantages of using the Aquacare at Mumbai Smile Design clinic are:
  • Air abrasion generates no heat, sound, pressure, or vibration.
  • Air abrasion reduces the need for anaesthetic
  • Air abrasion leaves much more of the healthy tooth tissue behind.
  • Air abrasion leaves the working area relatively dry, which is an advantage during the placement of composite fillings.
  • Air abrasion reduces the risk of microfracturing and chipping of the tooth
  • Air abrasion allows us to treat multiple sites in the mouth during a single visit.
  • The procedure is relatively simple and quick.

With its breakthrough technology, AquaCare allows us to do multiple dental procedures like Adhesive Dentistry, Bonding, Cleaning, Desensitising, root canal therapy, Hygiene maintenance, Implant prophylaxis, Post orthodontic clean up , Pediatric dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, Stain Removal, Veneers, Supra or Sub Gingival cleaning without the need for the drill or needle.


3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography scans allow us to visualize the underlying bone. Your smile is designed with this data in mind so as to provide the most aesthetically pleasing smile within your natural existing anatomy.

Intra Oral Scanners and
Digital impressions –

An intra oral scanner is a device that reproduces the details of the mouth in 3D and allows us to print a 3D model of your mouth. The data is also stored with us thereby allowing it to be reproduced whenever required without the need of having to remake your impression.

At Mumbai Smile Design Clinic we take your oral measurements using an intra oral scanner. What this means for you is no repetitive placement of trays with impression material in your mouth thereby providing a more efficient and pleasant experience.

3D printed veneers

We have the latest technology whereby the veneers designed and fabricated by us are completely digital. This means that they will be highly accurate in the shape size and colour that you have chosen. Since these are not made by hand they are more aesthetically pleasing and will blend in with your natural features seamlessly.

Dr. Reiyal and his team of smile design specialists will collectively plan your case using the latest technology and principles of dentistry to help you achieve your best smile.

The entire treatment process along with the planning will be discussed with you ensuring that you are informed every step of the way.

Dr. Reiyal Goveas

Smile Design Specialist

The founding member of Mumbai Smile Design and Therapeuo Dental and Multispeciality Clinic. Dr. Reiyal has a keen interest in full mouth rehabilitation and smile transformations. Following his prosthodontic training he has further trained extensively in the art and science of digital smile design under the founder of the concept Dr. Christian Coachman.
Being a firm believer in the concept of preservation and minimally invasive dentistry,his treatment planning is as conservative and natural as possible.

Dr. Anvi Ganatra Goveas

Aesthetic Dentist

The founding member of Therapeuo Dental and Multispeciality Clinic and Mumbai Smile Design, a Cuffe Paradian born and brought up in Cuffe parade, finished her BDS from YMT Medical college and hospital with a keen interest in conservative and aesthetic dentistry. She is a leading family dentist and laser cosmetologist having undergone extensive training in Laser Dentistry.
Her Aim and goal is to put a smile on every person who she meets as she strongly believes what goes around comes around!

Dr. Dhwani Kapadia

Aesthetic Dentist

Dr. Dhwani Kapadia finished her graduation from MGV Nashik in 2017. She has been a core member of the team at Mumbai Smile Design Clinic and has trained both under Dr Christian Coachman and Dr. Reiyal. She is extremely passionate about dentistry.

Dr. Yazad Gandhi

Oral Implantologist and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Yazad Gandhi is an established Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon and Dental implantologist with over 20 years of experience. He has taught in multiple colleges in India and is a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) for various implant organizations. He has had numerous publications in the field of oral implantology and had started his own education and training programme conducting courses for the same.

Dr. Preeti Kulkarni

Clear aligner and braces specialist

Silver medalist in Orthodontics (Maharashtra University), she trains to offer the widest variety of braces from THE CURRENT INVISIBLE ONES to the conventional metallic ones. Designing smiles from an early age, she helps one grow into a wonderful personality with the perfect skeletal and dental profile.

Dr. Abhishek Mistry

Soft tissue and Gum specialist

Graduated in 2010 thereafter completing his masters from a renowned institution in Periodontology in 2015.He is currently working as a periodontal consultant providing his clinical skills and expertise at various clinics spread all across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Dr. Neha Khalap

Root Canal Specialist

Dr Neha Khalap completed her B.D.S. from D.Y. Patil Dental College, Navi Mumbai. She has further done her post graduation in subject of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics (M.D.S.). from Y.M.T. Dental College. She has acquired rank 6th from Maharashtra University in her M.D.S. She has Published her own research studies article publications in esteemed international journal. Currently, She has clinical experience of 6 years. She focuses on painless single visit root canals with atmost technology and skill. She has expertise to do complicated root canal treatment too.