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Spacing between teeth is known as diastema. These diastemas occur both in children as well as adults and are not harmful. In children they tend to disappear as the child grows up and permanent teeth develop.

Causes for diastema formation:
  • Size mismatch between teeth and jawbones - This is usually of genetic origin where the size of teeth is smaller in relation to the size of the jawbone.
  • Missing or smaller teeth – Another genetic variation. Some teeth might be of a smaller size or maybe missing completely.
  • Loss of baby teeth prematurely – This loss before eruption time of permanent teeth could lead to an imbalance in the space required for the permanent teeth to erupt correctly leading to space development.
  • Habits – Habits such as thumb sucking and tongue thrusting puts undue pressure on the front teeth causing them to drift forward and open up leading to the formation of diastemas.
  • Oversized frenum – A frenum is a band of tissue that extends from the lip to the gum level. In some cases, the frenum is very near the teeth causing them to move apart.
  • Poor gum health – Poor oral hygiene leading to breakdown in gum health can lead to tooth mobility and even tooth loss. This is a serious cause of concern and should be handled quickly before too much damage to teeth and bones occurs.

The usual concern with spacing is aesthetics. Sometimes even hygiene becomes a concern as food continuously gets stuck in these spaces.

frequently asked questions

  • How do I correct diastemas?

    Diastema correction or closure can be done by any one or a combination of the various methods mentioned above. The appropriate treatment required is taken after a detailed diagnostic evaluation of your case and a discussion with you regarding your goals, expectations and timelines. Following this, our smile designers at Smile Design Mumbai will formulate a treatment plan that will best suit you.